On your mark...Get set...GO!!!

The race is you drive across town, solving puzzles, looking for clues & answering questions...all in the hopes of reaching the final destination. But don't go too quickly, 'cause it's not the first team to the finish, but the one with the most points, that wins the Grand Prize! Keep your eyes open as you stop to take pictures and collect items. Make sure you pay attention to details, as there will be lots of bonus points to be earned along the way. Solve all of the clues to find the final Rally Point, where dinner, drinks, music, fun & prizes await.

Sign up information & dates NOW AVAILABLE!



1. Teams will consist of 4-6 people. All members must be 21 or older (unless accompanied by a parent).

2. All team members must ride in 1 vehicle. The car may not be in motion unless all members are inside. You may wish to leave the vehicle and proceed on foot, but all team members should stay together as you travel between locations.

3. Teams are required to dress in costume/apparel appropriate to the theme of the rally.
This Year: Red, White, & Blue.

4. Clues must be followed in numerical order. Any attempt to skip ahead will result in loss of points.

5. Teams are prohibited from using cellular internet! (This goes against the spirit of a "Road" Rally!)

6. Feel free to use any other resources available to you, including, but not limited to, cell phones, navigation systems, internet cafes, books at your local bookstore, strangers on the street corner, etc...

7. Be Creative! Use your imagination in completing tasks. Those who can "think outside the box" will be able to accumulate points more rapidly.

8. Points will be given for all complete puzzles, locations identified, correct answers, items collected & photos taken. Bonus points will be available along the way!

9. You may call the Roadmaster for "Help!" if you get stuck, but 25 points will be deducted from your score for each phone call.

10. All teams are to reach the Rally Point by the deadline and will be deducted 5 points for each minute they are late.

11. Stay within the law!!! All tasks required for this rally are legal. PLEASE obey the speed limits and other traffic laws. Anyone found to be breaking the law will be DISQUALIFIED!

12. No Cheating! Cheating of any kind is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification. Remember...this is for FUN. It's not cool to cheat! Cheaters are LAME!

13. HAVE FUN!!! What else did you sign up for?