On your mark...Get set...GO!!!

The race is you drive across town, solving puzzles, looking for clues & answering questions...all in the hopes of reaching the final destination. But don't go too quickly, 'cause it's not the first team to the finish, but the one with the most points, that wins the Grand Prize! Keep your eyes open as you stop to take pictures and collect items. Make sure you pay attention to details, as there will be lots of bonus points to be earned along the way. Solve all of the clues to find the final Rally Point, where dinner, drinks, music, fun & prizes await.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Back on the Road Again

Okay folks,
I've worked through all of the issues and am ready to get back on track. With the holidays quickly approaching, I have become very busy. Despite this, I am working on setting up a date (hopefully in the spring) for a future run. I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm and anticipate posting the date in the beggining of the new year. Please check back for that and any other updates that might come up. I hope you can all make it for the Big Day!

Until Then,
"The Roadmaster"