On your mark...Get set...GO!!!

The race is you drive across town, solving puzzles, looking for clues & answering questions...all in the hopes of reaching the final destination. But don't go too quickly, 'cause it's not the first team to the finish, but the one with the most points, that wins the Grand Prize! Keep your eyes open as you stop to take pictures and collect items. Make sure you pay attention to details, as there will be lots of bonus points to be earned along the way. Solve all of the clues to find the final Rally Point, where dinner, drinks, music, fun & prizes await.

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Is it beneficial to be familiar with the area?
This is a definite "YES!" It sort of "goes with the territory" that familiarity with streets, etc. will help you to get around much more easily and, therefore, quickly. However, possession of a good map (or two) should allow anyone to be able to complete the road rally, and even win.

Do I have to wear a costume?
Yes...but it can be as intricate or as simple as you choose. You may take the theme literally or stretch it as far as your imagination will allow. That is entirely up to you. It just makes the road rally more fun and signifies to others that you are participating in an event. Plus... it makes your pictures that much more memorable!

How much time will the Road Rally take?
Typically, the driving portion of the event will last anywhere from 3-4 hours. The "official" end time will be announced prior to the rally and again at the starting line. Expect it to take at least 1½ to 2 hours to tally all of the points, before the winners can be announced. You are free to leave at any time or stay for the awards and even afterward.  Generally, the party will not run longer than 4 hours (or past 10pm). As you know, there are always exceptions.

I'm pregnant...Will I be able to compete in the Road Rally?
Yes...the Road Rally is designed to be more intellectual in nature than physical.  Due to time constraints, physical challenges are not very plausible.  The most physical task required may be walking/running.  If you feel that you would slow your team down significantly, you can wait in the car at certain locations.  Just remember, the car may not be in motion unless your entire team is present.

Can my children participate in the Road Rally with me?
The rally is designed for adults. However, those of you with older children may wish to invite them to participate. In order to reduce the likelihood of a tie, the puzzles/questions in this road rally are designed to be DIFFICULT (though not entirely impossible). Keep this in mind when deciding who will participate.

In some cases, the event may be open to small children.  Those with younger children may bring them along in their car (even though they are not team members), but this is not very conducive to getting around quickly and, therefore, not recommended. If you do not want to leave your children with a babysitter for more than a few hours, you may bring them along to the dinner/party (see QUALIFICATION). On the other hand, you are certainly free to take a night for yourselves to participate in "Grown-up Time."

HEY!! That team is cheating!  What can I do?
As your mother always said, "Nobody likes a tattle tale"... but nobody likes a cheater, either.  I prefer to take people "on their honor."  However, if you strongly believe that you have witnessed unfair play, you may submit a complaint at the completion of the driving segment, including any evidence (e.g., pictures, eye-witness reports, etc.) you have collected.  All reports will remain confidential and will be investigated to the best of our ability.

**Reminder** The road rally begins with this website. Do not overlook this important fact, as it may cause you problems "getting out of the gate" and lead to unnecessary "pitstops" further down the road.